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WowzaBrain News


Greetings Current or Potential WowzaBrain Coach!, a Christian homeschool organization, has invited Bridget to participate in their upcoming online Homeschool Teacher’s Summit, which will take place from October 16th through the 21st at  


This free* event will feature exclusive video sessions with 25 top homeschooling and parenting speakers. Each day will feature sessions focused on a different topic aimed at both dads and moms, including parenting, children’s learning styles and challenges, practical homeschool management, personal encouragement, and biblical vision.


Thank you for checking WowzaBrain out.


* will also offer an All-Access Pass, which will provide purchasers bonus items, ability to download content, and continued access to all video content after the summit ends. Cost for an All-Access Pass is $37 before the summit, $67 during, and $97 after, but those prices may change.

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