Coach and kiddo during a WowzaBrain Reading Check-Up

You know your child is falling behind in school and it scares you…
Here’s good news: Research shows that your child’s brain can catch up and rewire through brain training. Start today; the longer you wait, the harder it gets to catch up—for both you and your child.

We Know What It’s Like
Some of our children, siblings, and even grandparents also struggled to learn. So, over the last decade, we developed the parent-led coaching method, WowzaBrain.

Typically, our clients advance 3 grade levels in reading skills during 20 weeks of Wowzabrain training and ongoing, individualized support. Not only that, but the confidence of their kids improves because they’re able to learn more easily in all subjects, not just reading.

We Help YOU To Help Your Child
Here’s the truth: Your child can only grow out of his or her brain glitches through daily training. Fixing brain glitches will cost you a bit of time, but not fixing them can cost your child a lifetime of unnecessary, preventable struggling. Which do you choose?

Check Us Out!
We’re different. Read our clients’ Testimonials, listen to a free Audio Download. Tour our ePackages. Experience the WowzaBrain difference.



Coach and kiddo during a WowzaBrain Reading Check-Up

Bridget Mosley, M.Ed., Cognitive Learning Specialist
“My brother was cruelly teased about his reading disability. Growing up, I dreamed of helping parents, like my mom, to help heal their kids’ brains. After 20 years as a classroom teacher, special educator, reading clinic director, and workshop presenter, I am fulfilling my childhood dream of helping parents heal their children’s brains so they can read and learn!”

Peggy Wilber, M.Ed., Literacy Specialist
Peggy authored Reading Rescue 1-2-3 (Three Rivers press, 2000). She is also an associate professor, educator, and speaker who helps parents improve their children’s reading and learning skills.

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