WowzaBrain Video Demos
Brain-Power Pages

Apply the best brain research to teach your child!

  Momma's Little Helpers

  How Brains Really Learn

  Rhythm Syncs the Brain

  Stop Thinking About It

  WowzaBrain Fitness

  Is Your Child "Lazy?"

  Who Can Grow Your Child's Brain Better?

  The Game Plan

  Optimize Your Time

  The Big Three

  Repetition Builds Brain Muscles

  Small Chunks Grow Brains

  Smoothing Out Brain Glitches

  Why We Must Keep it Simple

  Positively Speaking

  Your Wonderful Brain

  Inappropriate Behavior

  Doberman or Puppy--Which are You?

How to Play Brain-Connected Reading Games

  Read This First, Coach!

  How to Get Started

  Get on Beat--Use Our Metronome!

  About eLearning

  Teach Brain-Connected Reading Skills

  Get Brain-Connected

  Be Brain Friendly--Use the 2-Error Rule

  If Your Child Resists Playing

  Why Our Games Have Levels

  How to Play a Game Deeply

  How Did I Do Today?

  Fluency Chart

Brain-Connected Reading Fluency Games
Start Today! Print Games, Watch Videos.

  Cover Pages

  Flip Floppers (Processing Speed)

  Quick Thinks (Auditory Recall)

  Vowel Play 1a (Vowels)

  Vowel Play 1b (Vowels)

  Funny Phrases

  Talk Fast (Processing Speed)

  Put it Together (Blending Syllables)

  Wacky Phrases 1 (Phrase Reading)

  Floppy Dollar (Processing Speed)

  Tic-Tac-Foe (Working Memory)

  Finders Keepers (Phrase Reading)

  Vowel Play 2a (Vowels)

  Vowel Play 2b (Vowels)

  Wacky Phrases 2 (Phrase Reading)

  Code Buster (Processing Speed)

  Word Parts (Syllables)

  Hide and Seek 2 (Word Analysis)

  What's Up? (Processing Speed)

  Associations (Processing Speed)

  Anagrams (Word Analysis)

  Same Name (Word Analysis)

  Pants on Fire (Idiom Practice)

  Think and Tell (Vizualization and Writing)


  To, With and By

  Word Speed Sheet

  You Must Remember This

  Achievement Page

  Pointer: Using the Metronome

  Pointer: Mastery vs. Automaticity

  Pointer: Practice Secret

  Pointer: Brains Love to Move

  Pointer: Talk on Beat

  Pointer: Does Your Kid Have 'Beat?'

  Pointer: What Playing Looks Like

  Pointer: Body Language

  Pointer: Getting Better Behavior 1

  Pointer: Getting Better Behavior 2

Brain-Connected Reading Fluency Techniques

  Word-Speed Sheet

  To, With and By

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