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A Specialist on Call to Help You

Yes! We equip YOU to help your child. Your WowzaBrain Specialist schedules regular phone or SkypeŽ appointments with you. You can also talk with or email her between appointments for free!

No. Tech support only.

They don't enable you to help your own child or support you while you do.


Scheduled phone or SkypeŽ assessments by your Specialist. She'll let you know how much progress your child has made and how much further you both have to go.

Who knows if your child's reading is improving?

Usually, you receive the results of a final assessment at the end of the contracted period.


Instantly available to print or save. Quick, colorful, fun brain games with video instructions. Your Specialist helps you adapt the games for your child's brain.

Software (and sometimes hardware) to install. Often, you must wait for a CD. Not personalized for your child's brain.

Decades-old, one-size-fits-all workbooks, which are slow, not based on brain research, and unfairly taxing to your child's brain.

Brain Information

Audio downloads, video demos, and Brain-Power Pages explain what your child thinks is "brain-friendly." Your Specialist helps you tweak the program to best suit your child.


Tutors aren't trained to explain how their systems affect your child's brain.™ refunds your full purchase price during the first 60 days if you're not satisfied. You decide.

Ranges from no refund to refund only if your child fails to meet the company's standard-not yours.

Each center bases its refund policy on their tests-not your satisfaction.

Driving Time




Adult-to-Child Ratio

1.5-to-1. You (with help from your WowzaBrain Specialist) and your kiddo.

0-to-1. Your child is alone with a machine.

1-to-4. One adult and up to 4 students, and your kiddo may have a different tutor each time.

Pre-Testing Fee

Free. A Specialist will check your child's current reading performance and recommend the right ePackage level-only if your child needs it.

No pre-testing. No way to know if your child needs the program before you buy.

$50 or more just to find out if your child needs the program.


4-6 months

Most programs don't say.

12 - 24 months

Total Cost

$5 for Level 1, or
$245 for Levels 2 or 3

$100 - $300 plus testing fees to see if your child's cognitive and reading skills improved.

$2,930 - $12,050, plus testing fees and commuting costs.

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