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• But won't my child learn this stuff in school?

Statistics show that 33% - 75% of children in any given classroom NEVER become proficient readers. 

Your child's teacher has too many students to give every child struggling in reading the practice and repetition his brain must have for success. But YOU can.

Further, most colleges provide minimal or no training to teachers in cognition — how the brain learns best. They simply show teachers how to run through curricula. If your child is struggling, it is unlikely he will get the brain-based help he needs to clear up his brain glitches.

Why wait? You can help your child by subscribing to WowzaBrain.com.

• But won't the extra reading help she gets in school be enough?

Probably not. Once a child falls behind in reading, his chances of ever catching up are slim to none. Remember, statistics tell us that anywhere between 33% and 75% of children in any given classroom never become proficient readers.

Your child's teacher is overwhelmed. She has too many students that are behind and need small group, intensive reading instruction. Due to time constraints, she cannot give each student the 100 hours of practice and repetition he needs. YOU can!

Researchers warn it will cost you seven to eight times as much in time and money to get your child to grade-level reading if she is not proficient by the end of first grade. Don't hold your breath and hope. Help your child by using a WowzaBrainePackage now. Call 719-216-2170 today for a free reading screening. 

• Does WowzaBrain really work?

Yes. In our private practices and pilot studies, we've had hundreds of students achieve amazing leaps in academic and brain skills. In reading, two to three years improvement is common. Always, as skills improve, confidence and behavior improves.

• How do I know if my child needs to play WowzaBrain Games?

Hover over the "Contact Us" button and then click the "Schedule Check-up" button. Here you'll find how to schedule a reading check-up to see if your child would benefit from our Program. 

If you prefer, WowzaBrain.com has short, simple tests that you administer to your child for free. Give your child a Quick-Test and find out for yourself. Go to wowzabrain.com/accounts/wowza.brain.ready.reading.php.

• How long does WowzaBrain Training take?

The time varies based on your child's brain strengths and weaknesses. Generally, completing one ePackage will take from 12-20 weeks

• How many hours of practice will it take to get my child to grade-level reading?

"Just a couple of hours!"  Oh, how we wish that claim were true. But, research from Carneige Mellon University(CMU)*, shows strong evidence it requires a lot more time than that.  Using fMRI's (a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner looks at blood flow in the brain to see what the brain is doing) CMU found it takes about 100 hours of one-on-one training to change a struggling brain into a reading brain. The fMRI's show that "white matter" (the thinking network of the brain) grew when a child received 100 hours of repeated practice in key reading skills. This intensive practice changed not only their reading ability but the quality of the white matter in the brain. In fact, the amount of reading improvement correlated with the quality of the structure of the white matter in a child's brain.  

We've found that 100 hour figure to be true; parents who work with their children for about  5 hours a week over a 20 week period average a 3 year reading gain.  (Generally, we recommend 30-45 minutes of WowzaBrain Games and 15-20 minutes of oral reading.) Remember, the 100 hour mark is an average. Some children only need about 40 hours of training while others may need around 200 hours of training.

How is your child going to get that much practice at school?  Frankly, we've yet to see a school provide this degree of deep practice. But, a parent, like you, can provide that depth of practice with a liitle help from us at WowzaBrain. Call and schedule a reading screening  (719-216-2170). Our program costs a dollar and some change per day. Isn't your child's success in school worth that?

*Timothy A. Keller, Marcel Adam Just. "Altering Cortical Connectivity: Remediation-Induced Changes in the White Matter of Poor Readers." Neuron, 2009.

• How much does a WowzaBrain subscription cost?

Many mediocre reading programs cost $300 or more. Brain training programs cost thousands—as does tutoring. A WowzaBrain e-Package provides both reading and cognitive training for only $245.

In addition to building vital academic skills like reading and writing your child needs training in key brain skills for learning, such as auditory working memory and processing speed.  Most programs only cover an academic skill. WowzaBrain.com helps you apply the latest brain research to literally rewire your child's brain for success.

Unlike other programs, you receive on-going support through WowzaBrain video instruction demos, podcasts and webinars. We provide a WowzaBrain Specialist to walk you through each WowzaBrain.com e-Package as you coach your child quickly, deeply and cost-effectively to grade-level reading.

• When should I worry about my child's reading skills?

Schools are pushing kids harder to learn to read sooner. They expect every child to know all of the alphabet letters and sounds by the second month of kindergarten. By the end of 1st grade, they expect kids to be reading at 40 words per minute.

If your child isn't meeting these benchmarks, you should be concerned; essential reading skills have not become automated yet for your child. For your child's sake, get help today. Call us at 719-216-2170 for a free reading screening. We're here to help you.

• Why have you moved from private practice to an online format?

Our clients asked us to go online so they could share WowzaBrain Techniques and Brain Games with their family and friends. We also went online to serve the thousands of parents with children who are smartbut are frustrated and not succeeding yet in school. We want to share WowzaBrain.com with you.

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