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Understanding The WowzaBrain Way

How Does it Work?

A WowzaBrain Specialist will set up regular phone or conferencing appointments to assess your child’s progress and to give you tips and encouragement. You can also call or email for help as often as necessary in between appointments. If you call after business hours, we’ll get right back to you on the next business day. We’re here to help!

In between appointments, YOU will coach your own child through a series of WowzaBrain games. Don’t worry; these aren’t mindless computer games. They’re simple, one-on-one, brain-building games that you print from the WowzaBrain.com website, and they’ll flip your kid’s “Hey-Mom-Watch-This“ switch. Coach your kiddo quickly through the games 5 days a week for 20 weeks. While playing, his or her brain will learn important skills to automaticity, which means your child won’t have to “work so hard” to read and learn.

Many of our coaches grow even closer to their children while they play these simple games together.

Brain Glitches

Everyone has brain glitches—even YOU. WowzaBrain fixes brain glitches!

Your child’s brain glitches make learning difficult. Just as potholes slow car traffic along roads, brain glitches slow thought traffic along brain pathways. Those glitches bog down schoolwork and homework, but with WowzaBrain games, you can help your child develop key brain skills like auditory processing, working memory, and processing speed. When brain skills like these are strong, your child can succeed in school and complete homework—without your help.

Yes, There is a Catch!

If you or another trustworthy person can’t make time to coach your child 5 days a week, don’t join WowzaBrain. Brain glitches can only be fixed when brains get to practice daily, which stimulates them to grow quickly and heal.

See Our Guarantee.

Money-Back Guarantee

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Schedule a free reading check-up with a WowzaBrain Specialist to see if your child needs our program.

Study Results: How Effective is WowzaBrain?

A gain of 3 grade levels in 20 weeks is the average improvement for a WowzaBrain kid. That's 7 times faster than an average school can improve your child's reading! WowzaBrain games are well worth the time you and your child will spend playing.

WowzaBrain cognitive training improved fifty-five students' reading scores by an average of three reading grade levels. At the end of twenty weeks, all students achieved at or above-grade-level reading scores. Seven students gained five reading levels in one semester.

Assessment method: Basic Reading Inventory, (John's 7th Edition) pre- and post-test results of sight words, reading fluency, and comprehension.


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