06/14/2017: But Does it Stick?

Wondering whether the results of brain training will last? Bridget anwers in this blog entry.

06/02/2017: Bridget's Bio Sketch

Read this short biographical sketch to learn what motivates Bridget to serve children.

06/02/2017: Summer--Your Child's Last Chance to Catch Up?


(ABSTRACT)     Drastic cuts in state and DoD school budgets seem inevitable. In order to operate under leaner budgets, schools will likely have to decrease their numbers of teachers and increase class sizes—including their remedial reading staffs. However, getting kids up to grade-level reading takes, on average, 100 hours of intensive, daily, one-to-one practice. Teachers can’t possibly provide this intervention under such conditions. The best hope for many kids this summer may be for their parents to take matters into their own hands and give their children the gift of practice.


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