“ My 3rd grader read four chapters of a mystery book without prompting!  Five weeks earlier, I couldn't get him to pick up a book.  Your 'backblasting' technique is amazing!”

-Joan, mom of Jordan

“ I just had to tell you that  Owen made the Honor Roll, but, best of all, got an 'A' in reading.  Wow!  Thanks!”

-Christopher, dad of Owen, 5th grader

“[Now] I read like the rest of the kids in my class!”

-Sam, Six-Year-Old WowzaBrain student

“ I pulled my child out of her school's remedial reading class. She doesn't need it anymore! Thank you so much!”

-Linda, mom of Renee, 4th grader

“ My daughter has diabetes. Her sugar levels affect her focusing, but after six weeks of playing WowzaBrain Games, she is more capable than I ever imagined. Thank you for your help!”

-Tammy, mom of Savannah, Kindergartener

“ His autism therapist said, 'Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!  I can't believe the words he can read now, and he is making more eye contact.'”

-Jill, mom of John, 2nd grader

“ It's been worth every dime!”

-Rob, dad of Logan, 1st grader

“ Michael's teacher told me he is a totally different kid; he raises his hand and is much more confident. I see this at home, too. He is so eager to learn. I tried many other programs with him that didn't work. This works!”

-Jeanne, mom of Michael, 3rd grader

“ I tried many programs to help my bright son learn to read. [Now] in school, he raises his hand to read! The thought of reading aloud used to give him stomachaches. I am so happy for him!”

-Joanne, mom of Jared, 5th grader

“ My five-year-old loves to play WowzaBrain Games. One day, we only had time to play six instead of the usual ten games. He was disappointed, so I told him we would play extra ones the next day. What a wonderful surprise that was!”

-Kim, mom of Kenny

“ After ten days of playing WowzaBrain Games, my son began picking up books and pretending to read.  Now, four weeks later, he is 'eating up' lots of new words! I can hardly believe it—he is finally reading!”

-Kristy, mom of Brandon, 3rd grader

“ At the end of last year, the teacher said my six-year-old son needed a literacy plan and his behavior was often 'inappropriate.' I realized I had to help him fast. Thanks to WowzaBrain Games, he is now reading above grade level, and I no longer hear concerns from his teachers about poor behavior!”

-Carla, mom of Stephen, 2nd grader

“ I played WowzaBrain Games with my daughter the summer before kindergarten. She became a reader before she entered school. She is ahead of her class! The best part is she loves to read and even has favorite authors. I never thought I'd have trouble keeping her supplied with books!”

-Brenda, mom of Cloey

“ At the end of last school year, my son scored 10% on a letter-sound test with the school's Speech/Language Specialist. We played WowzaBrain Games over the summer. At the beginning of this school year, he was tested again and scored 100% on this test. One of his teachers thanked me!”

-Pamela, mom of Jonathan, 1st grader

“[Our] son's second grade teacher couldn't believe how he had transformed over the summer. He went from qualifying for Special Ed services to being accepted in the Talented and Gifted Program. We are utterly delighted and indebted to Bridget and Peggy.”

-Denise and Brent, mom and dad of Brock

“ In ten weeks, my son went from a primer to a 3rd grade reading level. These gains have spilled into all of his schoolwork. He has become confident.”

-Mary-Catherine, mom of Ryan (3rd grader) and Educational Consultant

“My daughter's teachers were puzzled by her dysfluency in reading—they were stuck. I cannot believe the difference made in just a few weeks. We couldn't be happier with the quick results. She is reading so much smoother and faster. Her reading tests show it too!”

-Michelle and Steve, mom and dad of Riley, 2nd grader

“Instead of retaining my child in kindergarten, I played Better Letter Games with my son. Now, he's getting all A's on his first grade report card! Yes!”

-Julie, mom of Bobby

“Today, my son thanked me for buying WowzaBrain! For the first time, he easily read a sign in the mall. He knows the program is helping him learn to read quickly.”

-Mickey, mom of Thomas

“ I walked into the living room today and saw him reading a Dr. Seus book to his little brother! I never thought I'd see this day. THANK YOU!”

-Tara, mom of Jesse

“ My son went from reading 92 words per minute (wpm) to 115 in five weeks! He easily made benchmark on the DIBELs reading test. Wow!”

-Kandy, mom of Zach, 4th grader

“ Not only did his reading improve, but our relationship did too. It was so worth the money and time--thanks.”

-Lori, mom of Danny, 5th grader

“ I think that for us, coming up with the time wasn't as difficult as coming up with the right frame of mind. I really appreciate the audio downloads. For us, they have served as a sort of teacher-in- training institute to encourage and inspire us. 

I'll be sending you a photo of the "WowzaBrain Castle" Kara created this morning. The young ladies who live in the turrets traleled along the "reading pathway" to finally get to the castle according to Kara.”

-Kemi, mom of Kara

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