Be The Brain-Strengthening Help Your Child Needs.

You're looking for a way to help your child academically. We've served parents in your shoes since 2008. Does your child:

     - still need to benchmark on the DIBELS?

     - need help just to keep up in school?

     - struggle with reading?

     - take forever with homework?

     - just hate to read?

                                                         Let WowzaBrain Help, or keep reading...

Our affordable, cognitive-skills-enhancing program equips you to give your child the structured, daily practice they need to become a stronger reader.

WowzaBrain is different because it's not a computer program or app. You're a much better teacher by a long shot. Simply play 10 games per day, five days a week with your child. We'll even provide extra support if you want it.

On average, WowzaBrain students gain two-to-three grade-levels in cognitive and reading skills over a 24-week period.

Now, you have a way to help your child.

Here's How WowzaBrain Works:

1. Resolve to Help your Child. You can do this. 

2. Purchase your ePackage. See which ePackage is right for your child.

3. Familiarize Yourself. Get a feel for the program

4. Coach your Child. You'll do this one-on-one, and we're here if you want a little help.

5. Graduate and Celebrate!

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