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The WowzaBrain website is brimming with information for you. We’ve shared why we created the program for parents, compared ourselves to a typical learning center you might be considering, given you rich sneak peeks of our products, answered lots of common questions parents have asked us since 2008, shared WowzaBrain coaches’ success stories, and blogged about issues that are most important to our parents’ hearts. You can see we’ve done a lot to show you how WowzaBrain works. So take a good look around and check it all out. Afterward, if you have any questions, we invite you to ask in the comments section below. Odds are your question will help someone else too.

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  • To: Kristen’s Oct 6, 2018 question
    Great question, Kristen. I’m glad to hear your daughter is showing no apparent eye strain. I would still have her checked each year. A kid’s eyes can change a lot from one year to the next, and the optometrists are wise in encouraging yearly check-ups. They can catch and see things we can’t. Reading is taxing on the eyes, and you want to make sure your daughter’s eye muscles are working well so she can take full advantage of the WowzaBrain program.

    Bridget Mosley, MEd
  • I’m excited to begin our journey with Wowza brain! If my daughter is showing no signs of near sightedness or other issues with her eyes, would there be any reason to have them checked? I’m wondering about lazy eye or astigmatism that might not be readily apparent.

    Kristen Burwell
  • To: Bridgett’s Oct. 4, 2018
    Thanks, for your question, Bridgett. Yes, we’ve worked with a lot of teenagers (and even adults) over the years who not only can’t read at grade level but also read at a rate significantly below grade level. In your son’s case, he should be reading aloud at least at 180 words per minute (wpm) to be at grade level. (You can check his speed by going to our Products page and clicking on the “Quick Test.”) Speed is crucial in the upper grades because students are required to read a lot more material. Our program, “Brain-Connected Reading” would help your son improve both his reading level and speed. Additionally, it will build his skills with word retrieval speed and working memory. These are two critical cognitive skills that help facilitate comprehension so he can read higher level material. Take a look at my blog, “What to Do if Your Child is Failing in School” for more on this. See the link below.

    Bridget Mosley, MEd, WowzaBrain Cognitive Learning Specialist
  • Hello, I am curious, if you have any feedback from parents who have used WowzaBrain on teenagers? My son is in the 8th grade and will be 14 in November. He reads around a 4th grade level. He can read his 8th grade books, but it is VERY slow. I would love to get feedback from other parents in my situation. I am excited to order WowzaBrain for my son. I am hopeful.


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