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Bridget's Story

I started out as an idealistic elementary learning specialist in 1987. Over time, I saw that the kids who got labeled as not meeting reading benchmarks usually didn’t achieve grade level later. The label may as well have said, “don’t expect much from these kids.” My heart broke for them. Their parents felt helpless and hopeless. They knew their kids were capable, but they couldn’t get them what they needed. Schools don’t have the resources to give every child the focused practice they need, so they do what they can, passing the labeled kids along each year, always even further behind their peers. I believed parents and I could do better if we worked together. After ten years, I left the schools to start a private practice so we could team up to help their kids escape the never-reach-grade-level fate.

For the next five years, my practice served as a laboratory. I learned two things. One: daily practice propelled the brain forward; it was like Miracle Gro®. Kids improved their performance by two-to-three years in just six months if they got daily practice. Two: parents were perfectly capable of learning and implementing most of what I was doing. They consistently applied the therapy I was building as I scrutinized university studies on developing expertise, military and music training methods, and sports psychology. I listened to my clients carefully so I could make the program more user-friendly. As we worked, I learned that:

  1. Most learning centers’ fees were out of reach—I later met parents who had borrowed up to $15,000 to pay them.
  2. Programs used technical jargon and didn’t believe parents were capable of working with their children. That kept parents dependent on the “experts” instead of enabled to help their kids.
  3. The vast majority of programs only used literacy practices from the 20th century, which helped, but still left students reading far too slowly.

I used my research and their feedback to develop WowzaBrain, which almost all parents can afford, which enables parents to use it themselves but gives help if they need it, and which uses 21st-century cognitive science to boost reading speed. Together, we are Building Brains. Better. See what our coaches think.

WowzaBrain has been up since 2008—we were the first to introduce a DIY cognitive-educational model to the internet.  We still listen carefully to parents so we can keep improving. I don’t want you to feel helpless or hopeless like the parents I served when I worked in the schools. You can get your child to grade-level reading.

The WowzaBrain Team

Bridget Mosley, WowzaBrain cofounder Bridget Mosley, MEd, is a WowzaBrain cofounder. She is a die-hard fan of parents who believe they can help their kids overcome learning challenges. She has more than 30 years’ experience as a special educator, reading clinic director, and parent workshop speaker. She loves having coffee with her two daughters and reading about cognitive science (obsessively). 

Derek Mosley, WowzaBrain cofounderDerek Mosley is a WowzaBrain cofounder. His confidence that you can be a great coach for your child is a big reason we exist. As a former Air Force space systems operator, it’s only natural that he’s our Technical Manager, and he works with gusto to fulfill your expectations. He enjoys exasperating his daughters with lengthy, unrequested science commentaries.


Our WowzaBrain work is a labor of love. It’s our small gift to God to thank Him for His immeasurable blessings. We believe He will make it a blessing to you because we work at it with all our hearts for Him. (Colossians 3:23)