Is WowzaBrain Better than Your Local Learning Center?

Learning Centers

Total Cost



$3,000 $12,000 plus pre-testing fees and commuting costs.

95% of this is money could go toward your child's college education.

  • Better Letters: (Pre-K - 1st) $19
  • Brain-Ready Reading: (K - 2nd) $125
  • Brain-Connected Reading: (3rd - 12th) $125
  • Optional, 30-Minute Remote Consults: $35 each
  • Results

    Most only work on reading skills. WowzaBrain works on cognitive and reading skills. Kids typically gain two-to-three years in six months.
    Where Your Money Goes Mostly to the corporation and the franchise owner. Tutor gets a little over minimum wage. You keep most of what you would pay at a center. Use it for college.
    Consults They only talk about their program. You’re on your own for most your child's other needs. Optional for a fee. Your Cognitive Learning Specialist assists with customizing WowzaBrain training, behavior advice, interpreting assessment results, tips on IEP/504 meetings, homework management advice, and more.

    Months to Reach 100 Hours of Training*

    10 – 24 months, depending on how often you visit the center.

    Four-to-six months, using WowzaBrain’s deliberate practice model and other brain-friendly techniques. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s not rocket science.

    Driving Time In the time you spend driving, you could complete most (if not all) of your child’s WowzaBrain session at home. None.
    Adult-to-Child Ratio One tutor and up to four students. Your child may have a different tutor each time. In many cases, you won’t get a trained, experienced teacher. One-to-one by a provider who cares (you). Two-to-one if you purchase optional remote consults.
    Pre-Testing Fees and Decision Process

    $50$150 or more. Then comes the hard sell and pressure to decide immediately.

    None. Our Quick-Tests are free. You decide on your own schedule whether your child needs WowzaBrain.

    Materials Worksheets (on paper or a tablet device).
    • Moral support from your online WowzaBrain Community
    • 30+ cognitive training and reading games
    • 25+ videos: game demos and coaching techniques
    • Practical coaching tips
    • Brain-friendly learning strategies
    • Useful brain development information
    Get it all from your downloaded WowzaBrain DIY Guidebook and six-month website subscription.

    Brain Info

    Employees aren’t taught about cognitive training and don’t understand how the learning center's program works with your child’s brain. Audio interviews, video demos, Brain-Power articles, our blog, and the online WowzaBrain Community explain how to teach and encourage your child in a brain-friendly way. You'll use their ideas and techniques for years to come.

    *Dr. Marcel Just of Carnegie Mellon University demonstrated in 2009 that it takes about 100 hours of one-on-one training to change the average struggling brain into a reading brain.

    Still unsure? See our FAQs.