Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Guaranteed? Okay, what's the catch?"

Glad you asked! The catch is that WowzaBrain won’t work for your child unless you put in 30 – 40 minutes of practice (about 20 minutes for younger kids) daily, five days per week. Every coach who has completed the program has reported profound results. We show you how to make it fun, but it is still work. If you cannot put in the time, please save your money. 

WowzaBrain works, and we are confident it will work for you and your child if you put in the time and effort. You can request a refund at any time (see below), but we ask that you give WowzaBrain a full eight weeks to show results before you throw in the towel. You'll be glad you did.

Wrong ePackage

If you think you purchased the wrong ePackage, please contact us at so we can switch your purchase to the correct ePackage.

Refund Policy

We (The Automaticity Team, LLC) will refund your full ePackage subscription fee, not including applicable sales taxes, if you are dissatisfied for any reason. You must request your refund within sixty (60) days of your date of purchase.  Email the italicized text below, in its entirety, from the email address we have on record for you, to Please allow ten (10) business days (Monday-Friday, not including U.S. holidays or scheduled business closures) for us to complete the refund process.

I, [ENTER YOUR FULL NAME], request a full refund for my purchase of a WowzaBrain membership because [PLEASE LEAVE A DETAILED EXPLANATION].

I have not provided or transferred any copies of any products I received from to anyone in any form. I have destroyed all hard copies and deleted or destroyed all electronic files of the products that I had, of any file type.

I understand I am limited to one refund.

This email constitutes my legal signature and confirms that neither I, nor any family members, friends, or associates of mine, any longer have or have access to the WowzaBrain products for which I am requesting a refund.

We will terminate your access to membership content immediately. Though you may purchase other WowzaBrain memberships, we limit you to one refund, without exception.

We will refund scheduled Remote Consults that have not yet occurred, but we do not refund completed Remote Consults.