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Invite Bridget Mosley to Speak on Cognitive TrainingBridget loves to share cognitive training techniques that parents can use the next day. Her passion is to empower parents to help their children succeed at and enjoy reading. Email us:

Why WowzaBrain Exists

The United States is mired in a literacy crisis. The most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), often called “The Nation’s Report Card,” is distressing.

Percentage of high school seniors unable to read at grade level (proficient):

  • Black 83%
  • Hispanic 75%
  • White 54%

Percentage of fourth and eighth graders unable to read at grade level (proficient):

  • About 66%

Children who read poorly are far more likely to have low-wage jobs, be unemployed, or exhibit criminal behavior. For example, the Rand Report, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Correctional Education says 75% of state prison inmates did not complete high school or are “low literate.”

Government at the federal, state, and local levels, and non-profit organizations try to make headway against chronically high rates of childhood illiteracy with little success. Their solutions range from tutorial remedies to book-giveaway campaigns. These models are expensive, can’t reach every child, and, even in schools, are usually too inconsistent to make satisfactory improvements.

WowzaBrain is an affordable alternative for parents to address the statistics above. We exist to help parents help their children reach reading proficiency.

Logo and Products

WowzaBrain logo and slogan.

Cover of WowzaBrain's Brain-Ready Reading DIY Guidebook

Brain-Ready Reading ePackage, (K- 2nd)

Teaches children to blend words and recognize sight words and word patterns. Teaches better languaging skills and improves cognitive skills like processing speed and working memory.

Includes DIY Guidebook, 6-month subscription to online instructional videos, online WowzaBrain Community, and access to optional Remote Consults. 


Cover of WowzaBrain's Brain-Connected Reading DIY Guidebook

Brain-Connected Reading, (3rd - 12th)

Teaches children to read rapidly with expression and greater comprehension. Improves skills in spelling, languaging (like rapid word retrieval), and cognition (like processing speed and working memory).


Includes DIY Guidebook, 6-month subscription to online instructional videos, online WowzaBrain Community, and access to optional Remote Consults. 


Short Business Description

WowzaBrain is an online, do-it-yourself learning center that equips budget-conscious parents to teach their children to read and improve struggling readers’ literacy via a cognitive-educational approach. We also give those parents additional support through our WowzaBrain Community forum and optional remote consults.

The WowzaBrain team resides in Colorado Springs and has been online since April of 2008. During that time, they’ve served families all over the United States, and in other countries including Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Our Story

Do-It-Yourself Cognitive Reading Program Gets Fresh Update

A cognitive learning pioneer has made her potent cognitive-reading program, WowzaBrain, even better for parents whose children struggle with reading.

Bridget Mosley started as an idealistic learning specialist in 1987. However, she quickly saw that many children failed to meet reading benchmarks, then rarely achieved grade level later. “My heart broke for them,” she said. Their parents couldn’t get them the help they needed. “Schools still don’t have the resources to give every child the focused practice he or she needs, and many can’t afford to go elsewhere.” Bridget believed she and parents could do better if they worked together. In the late 1990s, she started a private practice to work with parents to help their kids escape the fate of never reaching grade level.

Her business became her laboratory. She discovered that daily, structured practice improved children’s performance markedly—typically by two-to-three grade levels in just six months. She also learned parents could do most of what she was doing if she showed them how. They applied the techniques she gleaned from university studies on expertise development, military and music training methods, and sports psychology. These parents got consistently exceptional results. Bridget also learned how hard it was for them to find affordable, effective help for their children.

For example, learning centers’ fees were far out of reach of most parents. “Some had borrowed up to $15,000 to pay them,” she said. Many centers treated parents as unqualified to work with their children. Lastly, the majority only used literacy practices from the 20th century. They weren’t tapping into compelling, newly-available brain research.

In 2008, with the help of her husband, Derek, she used that feedback and further research to develop WowzaBrain to meet these needs. It was affordable, enabled parents to do the training themselves, and used 21st-century cognitive science to boost critical reading skills like working memory and processing speed. Online clients saw the same two-to-three grade-level gains as their in-office predecessors. Now, after a decade online, they’ve revamped it to improve all three of WowzaBrain’s strengths.

WowzaBrain was the first do-it-yourself cognitive-educational literacy model on the internet. Bridget still works hard for parents. “I don’t want them to feel helpless or hopeless like the ones I served when I first worked in the schools,” she said.

Biographical Sketches and Photos

Bridget Mosley

    As a child, Bridget felt a calling to help children bullied for their learning struggles. For over thirty years, she has answered this call as a learning specialist, reading clinic director, consultant, and curriculum designer. Bridget also draws from her experiences as a homeschooling mom who worked with her daughter to overcome dyslexia. She has spoken on the importance of cognitive skills and reading since 2008


    Derek Mosley

      A retired Air Force space systems operator, Derek is the company’s Operations Manager, handling the website, media production, accounting, and marketing. He also is a math and science tutor.




      Bridget and Derek’s WowzaBrain work is a labor of love. It’s their small gift to God to thank Him for His immeasurable blessings. They believe He will make it a blessing to parents because they work at it with all their hearts for Him. (Colossians 3:23)  

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