1. Better Letters (Pre-K to 1st)

1. Better Letters (Pre-K to 1st)

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Since 2008, Better Letters has given parents everything they need to lay a firm foundation for their children's early literacy skills (Pre-K to 1st grade). Like Orton-Gillingham, our program is structured, sequential, and cumulative. However, your child will also work on processing speed, the essential cognitive skill that helps build rapid identification of each letter's name, sound (phonological awareness), and shape. Better Letters lets you teach your child how to recognize and apply letters to sound out words automatically. Additionally, our simple Better Letters Storybooks let you teach the 25 Most Common Sight Words in a fun and engaging way. Daily, brain-friendly practice is powerful and leads to deeply-learned early literacy skills and enhanced processing speed. This training will prime your child for the critical learning-to-read stage that will determine the quality of the rest of his school career.

Use the Better Letters Quick Test to see if Brain-Ready Reading is right for your child.

What You Get:

1. Brain-Ready Reading DIY Guidebook

  • 28 quick, cognitive, alphabet games for you to print and play with your child.
  • 25 Better Letters Storybooks to build automated sight word recognition.
  • Lots of training tips and more so you can coach your child.

Download sample pages at right.

Link to PDF sample pages from the Better Letters ePackage

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2. 6-Month Subscription to Online Training Videos

  • 15 short "Coaching Pointers" videos help you become a coach who can meet your child’s unique needs.
  • 5 quick demonstration videos show you how to play each game and use our reading techniques.

 Videos match sample games in Guidebook above


3. WowzaBrain Community

Get advice from our Cognitive Learning Specialist and encouragement from other parents. Get your questions answered, and celebrate large and small victories with fellow coaches.

4. Optional, Fee-based, Remote Consult Support

Some coaches seek a little help along the way. A Cognitive Learning Specialist is available to tailor your child’s program, provide specific behavioral tips, help you use testing results to help your child make faster progress, and teach you how to advocate for them.

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