Photograph of Bridget Mosley, MEd., a WowzaBrain Cognitive Learning Specialist

30-Minute Remote Consult

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The WowzaBrain Community is part of every ePackage. You'll get answers that most coaches are looking for, but for those deep questions that are specific to your child, a Remote Consult is your best bet.

Via telephone or video chat, your Cognitive Learning Specialist will answer any WowzaBrain- or education-related questions you have. We've been taking calls like yours since 2008. We've helped parents in many ways, based on their children’s unique learning styles and needs, including:

  • customizing WowzaBrain training,
  • advising them on how to improve behavior,
  • reviewing and explaining cognitive and educational assessment results (like the DIBELS or WISC-V) in plain English,
  • providing tips on how to get the most out of a parent-teacher, 504 Plan, or IEP meeting, and
  • assisting with homework management techniques and support.

Of course, this service is always available, whether you're considering using WowzaBrain, actively coaching now, or even if your child graduated from the program years ago.